Wissenschaftliches Programm am Mittwoch, 04.09.2019



Saal Paris

Adult Surgical Orthodontic Challenges

Richard P. McLaughlin (San Diego, CA / USA)

Der Vorkongresskurs wird in englischer Sprache abgehalten.

Dr. McLaughlin will discuss treatment planning, pre-surgical set-up and post-surgical management of adult orthodontic surgical cases. This approach is centered on optimal occlusal, joint, air-way function, and periodontal health with a focus on the best facial esthetic results achievable.

This will include criteria and case presentations on the following surgical categories
•    Class II mandibular surgery
•    Class II maxillary surgery
•    Class II bimaxillary surgery
•    Class III mandibular surgery
•    Class III maxillary surgery
•    Class III bimaxillary surgery
•    Asymmetrical surgery    

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